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You could start a lucrative high performance career.
You could look for a way to get rich quick.
OR you could find another quick and creative solution. . .



You can homestead and earn money from that homestead! You can buy lots of wilderness land cheap (but not from us because we don't sell any). And you can sustain yourself on it! That might sound daunting, but it's not (at least not as daunting as polishing customers' poles every day). Food, water, and shelter are your basic needs, and you can grow your own food, collect your own water, and build your own shelter out of cheap or free resources. Once you have those established you can work on upgrading your lifestyle like a SIM game, however much you want, whenever you want, or not at all. And nobody can tell you different.
And if you don't have the cash or credit on hand to buy a large enough plot to ensure your privacy, you can instead pool your money together with others aiming for the same lifestyle. With the sheer amount of rural land you can purchase, personal space won't be the slightest concern. Don't know anyone to pool with? We do!

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