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Simple, sustainable, independent living in touch with self, others, and nature.


To help individuals uncover, foster, and embrace their inner destiny through intentional, deep, and extended time in nature.


  • Manifesters: 

    • Acquire land to live on with no debt

    • Open that space up for other hosts and guests. 


  • Hosts: 

    • Study, teach, and practice skills to survive independently

    • Cultivate our resources for future generations

    • Engage in mutually beneficial human interactions

    • Foster serene natural environments.


  • Guests: 

    • Rest

    • Play

    • Explore & discover

    • Study & practice skills

    • Stay as long as you want

    • Become a host

    • Go back into the world with a new perspective to pursue your goals or manifest your own land

The Full Story

It started in college when Andreu and Josh wanted to create a more affordable and practical way to live in the city of Philadelphia. They planned to open a community building filled with studio apartments. The tenants would share a gym on site, share an industrial kitchen to save time and money on bulk meals, share a lounge area to socialize while saving time and money from going to bars, and share a community garden to save money on food while experiencing the benefits of working with the earth and bonding with other tenants.

After college, Andreu did in fact champion the vision. He assembled a team and opened the St. Peace House in St. Petersburg. It worked out great, but despite its benefits he finally left it behind because of the bills that were still too high, the community garden getting closed for political reasons, and the inevitable cramped living drama, and city environment.

Meanwhile, Josh had joined up with Will blazing a new path to acquire some farm land to live free on and grow produce in the sun and wind. But that dream died quickly when Will got depressed at school learning about the "hopeless" environmental condition of the world. Or did the dream actually die?

Josh spent some years running from demanding landlords, bosses, family, and society. He figured if monkeys are allowed to live free in nature, then why can't he? Isn't America about freedom? He tried to find a place he could stay to get away from it all, but all he found was campgrounds that charge $25/night which was not nearly affordable long term. The meditation center had even more demands and restrictions than regular society. So he lived in a car, in a van, and on the street with a backpack. He survived the wilderness in Pennsylvania, Florida, Hawaii, and California. He found peace in the wilderness many times, free from societal pressures, connected to the earth. If it was legal to grow a garden and build a hut in a national forest he would have stayed there forever, but alas it is illegal. So instead he decided to buy his own land to grow a garden and build a hut on.

Through all of this he experienced many lessons that only the freedom of nature can teach. He looked at the world full of addiction, shootings, and suicidal tendencies, and knew these people could benefit from nature's teachings. He didn't think it was fair that he had to go through so much hardship to get that experience, and thought that nobody else should have to either. He committed himself to providing a place for people to go who need to really get away, just like he once needed a place to get away but couldn't find one.

Note: If one releases themself of the burden of expensive technology, luxury, modern cars, and modern houses, America is indeed a very free country, with cheap land and low taxes. In fact, you are also free to burden yourself with all of that stuff if you like (or utilize it). America is a very free place.

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