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It's a good thing you checked in here because the honey pot just got a little sweeter. You know how you can pay to have a time share on a vacation house? Well imagine having a time share that pays you instead. And imagine it's a time share that you can stay at year-round if you desired, while still collecting that pay. This is the situation that is possible when you own lots of wilderness land. Of course you don't have to go about it that way, so I'll draw out two money scenarios for you. Let's start without the time share idea:


Let's go with # of acres = 50

Let's go with # of people pooling = 10

Price for 50 cheap acres could go for $25,000 - $200,000. Let's assume $70,000 for this example.

Let's assume you put in a well for $6,000, a septic system for $7,000, a decent-sized solar setup for $10,000, and a 12'x12' tiny house for $7,000 just so we can be legal. That adds $30,000 bringing us to $100,000.

Property tax ranges from 0.5% - 2% of property value, so let's go with 1.5% to be pessimistic. $100,000 x 0.015 = $1.500 per year in property tax.

So with 10 people involved each will need to put out $10,000 up front, and each will owe $150 per year in property tax, and each will have 5 acres of space. And everyone can share the tiny house as a bath house with water and electric, and save up money to each get their own tiny houses whenever they are ready.

To cover that $150 cost each person could grow a single hemp plant each year for 10 ounces of CBD bud to sell for $30/oz = $300.

Or they could each grow 30 tomato plants yielding 10 tomatoes each = 300 tomatoes, and sell them at a farmers' market for 50 cents each.


Now this is the sweet part.

Imagine the same scenario as before:

10 people

50 acres

$10,000 paid up front per person

No mortgage

$150 property tax paid each year per person

In this scenario, instead of each person using 5 acres, each person uses 2 acres.

10 x 2 = 20 acres

50 - 20 = 30 acres left free

Now how much do people spend to go camping? $25 per night for a crowded camp site right next to someone else?

Why would they pay for that when you are offering them an entire acre of privacy for only $10 per night?

30 acres = 30 guests

Let's say you can't keep it 100% populated every night. Maybe you can only manage 50% occupancy.

So 30 acres = 15 guests per night

15 x $10 = $150 per night

$150 x 350 days = $47,500 per year

Subtract $1,500 for $1 million in camping liability insurance = $46,000 per year

Subtract 35% ($16,100) for sole proprietor tax = $29,900 --> $30,000

$30,000 / 10 = $3,000 per year per person

So each person's bills for the year are $150 - $3,000 = -$2,850

And you don't need to spend any of that money because you can learn to grow your own food and make your own soap and whatever else you want. You can just spend the money on tools, supplies, special treats, and more infrastructure.

There you go. You are free. You have no boss. You never have to leave the land or get a job, but you certainly may choose to. This is as real as you want it to be. (Oh yeah and make sure you collect a $100 deposit from guests that you only return if they don't litter)


If you are prepared to experience freedom then congratulations and welcome to the club. The next step is to buy your own land or find people to pool with. Call today at 267-639-8081, or e-mail at, or join the forum to see what groups have formed and see what each one is up to.

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